HS Hair & Scalp Solution
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  • Not causing irritation

  • Lice treatment

  • Eliminate lice’s egg

HS Hair & Scalp Solution formulated for resolving lice and hair problems and reducing itchiness by using 2 steps:

Step 1: Elimination of lice & eggs
Step 2: Cleaning & Soothing

It will help your hair regain its health by elimination of lice and eggs, while tea tree shampoo give you a sensation of after feel freshness.

Active Ingredients

Dimethicone gel: Dimethicone series
Tea tree shampoo: Tea tree oil etc.

Product Features

  • Non-irritating formula.
  • Anti-bacterial and reduce itchiness.
  • Making hair softer, smoother and keep scalp clean & fresh.
  • Safe for children.