Perfect Balance Plus (Vanilla)
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  • Diabetes patient

  • High blood sugar

  • Complete and balance nutrition

  • US Formulation

In the aromatic taste of soymilk and oat, Perfect Balance (PB) Plus provides an ideal nutrition for those highly concerns about food nutrition, has higher nutrients requirements or special purpose dieting. Apart from all-round highly dense nutrients, PB Plus has a special care towards blood sugar.

Low GI formulation designed by nutritionists, working synergistically with ALA & chromium to improve insulin sensitivity and maintain normal blood sugar level. It also works well with neuropathy (nerve numbness) patient and gradually mitigate the recurrence of this symptom with a good control of blood sugar.

Suggestion of Usage

Total Serving: 20
Size per Serving: 30g
1-2 servings per day. 6-9 scoops per serving for meal replacement purpose.

Active Ingredients

Organic soybean powder, inulin, isomaltulose, polydextrose, Almer Crème, isolated soy protein, sodium caseinate, calcium caseinate, oat flour powder, vitamin premix, yeast ext (chromium), vanilla flavor, ALA.
* Lactose Free

Who should take Perfect Balance Plus?

Perfect Balance Plus is recommended for:-

  • Diabetic patients.

  • Gestational diabetes mother.

  • Those lack of nutrients or always not enough energy.

  • Those have family history of diabetes