Nutrisium Plus (Vanilla)
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  • Scientifically proven bone strengthening in 6 weeks

  • Reduce bone loss

  • Boost nutrient absorption

  • Special formulation powder from US technology

NUTRISIUM is a high calcium milk product, whom well known for its improved nutrient absorption mechanism. Adopted US technology, TruCal formulation in Nutrisium is a great boost towards calcium absorption and bone remodeling, especially for those have poor nutrient absorption.

Equipped with multi nutrients, it is one of the best choice for those need larger source of calcium and bone built-up.

Suggestion of Usage

Total Serving: 30
Size per Serving: 20g

Recommend to take at least 1 in the day and 1 more 2-3 hours before sleep (body repairs during sleep)

Active Ingredients

TruCal, milk powder, organic soybean powder, inulin, sorbitol, Almer Crème, maltodextrin, Multivitamin, tricalcium phosphate, Vanilla flavor, xanthan gum, Vit K2, Vit D3
*Contain Lactose

Who should take Nutrisium Plus?

Nutrisium Plus is recommended for:-

  • Elderly or whom need extra care of bone

  • Growing kids

  • Those have weaker bone or have bone injury

  • Pregnant women